"Why be anyone else when you can be yourself, your higher vibrational Self." -unknown-

We all have a little Rebel in us. 

Paint Splash
Paint Splash

Lets Move Together 

Through the movement of the body, you can find a peace of mind, clarity, strength, flexibility, rehabilitation and so much more. Connect and move with me in the Vyby studio of Shamnaa circle (99 front street)  or we can make it a personal ting through private hiring.  Whichever you choose it's always a VYBE TING! CHA!


The Innerstanding 

Overstand that YOU create your own reality and YOU control all that's around you just by how YOU react. 

Find stillness of the mind, the awakening of the soul, the manifestation powers that you uphold.  Let's come into an innerstanding of self through meditations and self-work. 


Chit Chat 

Starting a new chapter isn't an easy journey to embark on and sometimes you just need that unbiased opinion and support. Or someone to just keep it 100% with you, Holla, we can chat about health and wellness and or anything thats on your mind, I hold that space for you   

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