Shaela G.

The Holistic Rebel

Blogger, Health Coach, Movement Instructor

About The Rebel
( Yup that's Me)

Shaela is the name and health has alway been my passion. I have had a love hate relationship with food for years, as a child to my teenage years I was an overeater. I would eat till I was so uncomfortable there was a few time where I contemplate on adopting a eating disorder. For years I struggled with filling my plate to the rim with food and feeling I have to eat everything on it. Oh and let's not talk about what was on the plate, wheeeew chiile. 

When I had moved to London I had gotten food poisoned which had permanently lead me to this lifestyle of educating myself on food and preventative medicine. 


I have fully immersed myself in the world of healthy foods. Having been vegan for a few years now, being creative with food have really become my form of true art work and favorite past time . Using medicinal herbs and combining ingredients that mother earth has provided,  help me become the healthiest and best version of myself. 

It was a very interesting and challenging road, transitioning into a whole lifestyle that is new and exciting is not the smoothest road. 

 Don't fret i'm here to help. I am a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach and I have built this Blog for you ! For you, who has no idea what to eat. For you who don't know  what to eat out or when traveling, and for you, who who need to know a little more about veggies herbs and plants. And for you who want to lose some pounds and learn how to detox. 


Im dedicated to show and teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, if you need more personal support feel free to contact me to have a free consultation.


Love peace and mustard greens! 


The Holistic Rebel