Banana Making you sleepy ( Banana Tea)

Wagwan luvas, I hope everting kriss!

So, I thought I had bananas alllllllll figured out , until I had my daily catch up with my Aunty. Now, quick back story on aunty Whillie, she is super into this alternative lifestyle. like most of us including myself, she has had her fair share of yoyoing from one

fad diet to another until she found the plant bace way of life and she has turned back.

NOw whillie is always on the internet, looking up recipes to try and share and just to educate herself on fun facts about fruits a veggies.

So the other day she came for put daily sit down and she told me that Boiling and drinking banana peel tea can help you fall asleep and have and really restful sleep


Yes, My gayl said "instead of sleeping medication just boil some B-peel."

see told you she's funny.

So my research begins! not that I don't believe her but I like to read up on it too just to get a bit more info myself.

what's so special about the B-peel?

well I'm glad you asked, so the B-peel (banana peel) is jammed packed with Magnesium has been called a “relaxation mineral” because healthy levels have been associated with decreased stress and anxiety. However evidence for excess magnesium helping with stress and sleep is largely anecdotal.

Big up to SuperFoodly for this research:

A study done by the USDA used 100 adults (22 men and 78 women) who had poor sleep quality. It was found that 58% of these participants were consuming less than the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium in their diet. It was inconclusive though as to whether a magnesium supplementation helped them fall asleep faster, because those getting a placebo also experienced improvement. (1)

A study done at a nursing home in Italy involving 43 people with insomnia found that a supplement of melatonin, magnesium, and zinc helped with sleep quality versus placebo. This isn’t very helpful though, since melatonin is already a well-known and confirmed sleep aid. (2)

If you believe restless leg syndrome is a legit disease, a pilot study out of Germany found that magnesium treatment helped with insomnia that was specifically related to leg movements at night. (3)

Those are the most related human studies published to date. Beyond that, the most compelling “evidence” is merely people who claim magnesium helps them sleep better.

Whether this benefit is true is not yet known, but given the correlation of insomnia with low magnesium levels in the USDA study, it does seem like a real possibility.

So here a lil recipe for the B-peel if yall want to try

now i have no problem sleeping, for sleeping just happens to be one of my favorite activities but i have recommended it to a few clients and the have found it effective and useful. so give it a try.

Oh remember if you dealing with inorganic bananas i do highly recommend doing a veg wash!!

** cover vegg and fruits with water add a tablespoon of vinegar and let sit for 15min**

The last thing you want in your tea is yucky chemicals.

Bliss xox

The Holistic Rebel

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