What in the sweet Universe is a Holistic Health Coach?!

In a nutshell a health coaching has arisen in response to the very real need that people have to take back control of their own health, on their own damn terms. It’s all about helping you to become an expert in your own health, so that you never need to become a patient.

A Holistic Health Coach will meet you where you are, without expectation or judgement and help you to do what you need to do in order to improve the quality of your life from the inside out in a whole.

It’s all about helping you to become an expert in your own health, so that you never need to become a patient.

The sad fact is that, despite all the wonders of modern medical science, people are getting iller. Sometimes that illness is just a general sense of malaise, a feeling that things could be better, or it is a nasty little collection of symptoms, none of which being life-threatening on its own but which, in combination, can make life pretty unbearable.

These sorts of symptoms are unfortunately familiar to so many people – unexplained weight gain or weight that is really difficult to shift, high blood pressure, headaches, indigestion, digestive and tummy problems, painful periods or fertility issues, mood swings, brain fog, the list goes on.  For most of us, these things creep up quietly and we suppress the symptoms with antacids or painkillers or self-medicate with alcohol or food. We hope they will go away, or dismiss them as just a normal part of getting older until suddenly the situation becomes intolerable, or there is a frightening diagnosis, or both.

But when we go to the doctor what happens? Even if the doctor recognizes that there could be some changes in your lifestyle choices, he or she doesn’t have the time, or the specific training to help you manage the implementation of those changes into your unique life.  More importantly, they don’t have the time or the specific coaching skills to help you navigate through the minefield of resistance and negative self-talk that gets in the way of most of us doing what we feel we should be doing.

Health Coaches are not Nutritionists or Dieticians.  Their support is not so much about what you should do, but HOW you can do it .  A lot of the work is around tapping into the natural wisdom and intuition of our own bodies. Most of us know we should eat more vegetables and get more exercise, but what is it that gets in the way of us doing these things? And how can we overcome these hurdles to create new habits that are easy and enjoyable?

The answer is to find a Holistic Health Coach!

When you work with a Holistic Health Coach you will have someone in your corner, holding you accountable and helping you prioritise your health goals, and then achieve them. Working with a Holistic Health Coach can be transformational – it means you are no longer struggling on your own, but have someone beside you who knows all about how to empower you to bring about your own health and happiness.

It’s not just about food and restriction. Working with a Holistic Health Coach will touch on every aspect of your life, helping you identify what is working for you and what is not, helping you see the wood AND the trees and enjoy it all!

If you are interested and want a consultation please do not hesitate to holla at me .

I hold the space for you !

I Love You !

The Holistic Rebel

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